Portfolio of patterns created for Tulicarpa Resort 2019 collection. All patterns property of Tulicarpa. 


Marginalia Print 

Colorful quatrefoils inspired by creatures found in the margins of Medieval manuscripts set in a lattice of twigs on a grey and gold field.  

Queen anne's lace print

Floral stripe featuring the tall and delicate Queen Anne's Lace flower, from seedpod to full bloom. Gold stalks on a silver blue ground.  

Lux Hispaniae in apple green

Flowing citrus emerging from pools of electric green.  

tree of life 

Two details from a large-scale painting of the Tree of Life. Commission for an engineered garment. 

Santa T. Print 

Commissioned print featuring Gold and Rosegold on Vivianite Blue. 

Violet Hound Print

Border of curling vines and graceful hounds with violet pinstripe.